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Pyruvate compounds

Author : Date : 2016/4/25 10:00:52
Pyruvate is a key intermediate in several metabolic pathways. It is the output of the metabolism of glucose known as glycolysis. It can be used to construct the amino acid alanine and can be converted into ethanol or lactic acid via fermentation. Pyruvate compounds have extensive use. For example, Calcium Pyruvate, Sodium Pyruvate and Potassium Pyruvate are commonly used in dietary supplement and cosmetics.
We provide below Pyruvate compounds:
Calcium pyruvate  Cas No. 52009-14-0
Sodium pyruvate  Cas No. 113-24-6
Potassium pyruvate  Cas No. 4151-33-1
Magnesium pyruvate  Cas No. 81686-75-1
Creatine pyruvate  Cas No. 55965-97-4
Methyl Trifluoropyruvate  Cas No. 13089-11-7
Ethyl trifluoropyruvate  Cas No. 13081-18-0